We love to get our clients feedback on our services. Listed below you will find some of the testimonials of what our clients say about us.

My request of you is that you position us in your mind as perhaps the ideal group to call when you are using QuickBooks® for your  business accounting and  want help making it work for you.

While doing my end of year accounting with Greg Coughenour, I was reflecting on the fact that I have been in business for 17 years. I have been with Greg Coughenour as my accountant for 16 of those years. We met at the Deerfield Chamber of Commerce, and he created my core business structure and stability. I have met with him 4 (quarters) times per year since 2001. We have rode waves of the economy and the immense technological changes that have taken place over the years. Greg C. is the darn best accountant I could have ever counted on for the financial stability of my business. He is very sharp and intelligent about his profession and he has complete integrity. His ability to manage my accounting is incredible. He’s never missed a quarter and he coaches me on my financial issues. He has never made an error in his work with me, and I trust him completely. Lastly, Greg is a whole lot of fun. He gives me the pleasure of working with him in his office during our quarterly sessions. He is a character, we laugh a lot, and we listen to great music. Greg is someone I would highly recommend to my colleagues.

I’m not trained in bookkeeping or computers, but Greg trained me. He’s patient, non-judgmental, warm, genuine, and an excellent communicator. Because Greg is a CPA as well as a QuickBooks coach, he’s a one-stop shop for all of our questions. At tax time, all we do is back up to a zip drive. It was never that easy before Greg. On top of that, he’s less expensive than any alternative. I know, because others have wanted to take his place. Honestly, we’ve been lucky to work with him all these years, he’s one of a kind, and absolutely no one can do what he does or take his place.

Linda Murakishi - Whitted, Takiff + Hansen, LLC

Greg has been an integral part of our accounting for many years now. Greg's accurate and prompt work and follow through have helped me better run our business. He is one of the most organized people I know so nothing falls through the cracks. He takes the complexity of using Quickbooks and simplifies it to the level that we can use it in a very efficient manner. I highly recommend Greg if you are looking to use QuickBooks to better manage the finances of your business.

Jody Williamson - Managing Director Sandler Training

Recently, I had the good fortune to hire Greg as my QuickBooks coach to assist my growing business needs. Greg/Accounting Pros™ is an excellent resource for accounting and computer related software support. His kind-hearted demeanor is a real asset. He has made a significant impact in facilitating my business’s growth and efficiency utilizing QuickBooks as my accounting software. Greg’s style of "coaching: is warm, intelligent and articulate. He is highly organized and meets his team/audience where they are at that time. I would highly recommend him to act as a resource to any business. Please feel free to contact me for further information on how his supportive services have improved my business.

EEG BrainTraining, Inc. Deerfield, IL. - Dr. Lauren Gerber, President

Our business is a contractor business and the bookkeeping software we were using prior to QuickBooks® was not supported on a professional level and had too many shortcomings for our growing business. We evaluated several programs and decided to start using QuickBooks® two years ago. With the help of QuickBooks® and Greg from Bookkeeping For Business Inc, we have been able to cut the time spent on our bookkeeping procedures during the year and also save on our end of the year tax filing costs.

Highland Park Electric, Inc.. Highland Park, IL - Jan Grevers, President